Yellow Plains

The Yellow Plains are the lands of the Halflings. They lie south of Elfwood, west of the Fringe Kingdom, separated by Border Canyon, and east of Floodland. They are broken in two by the Blue River and surround the Blue-Lipped Lake. In the West Yellow Plains lie three tribes, including the Ventosi; in the east lie three others. In the middle of the Blue-Lipped Lake lies the Aether Isles, where the mythical tribe of prophets, the Aetheri (for whom the island is named) are, and Council Island, where the halflings collect annually to discuss inter-tribe matters.


Annexation of the Yellow Plains

A few aluns ago, on 2-5/Cuth (Legal Day), The Empire declared that the Yellow Plains were now a part of its territory. There was at first an uproar in halfling society, but this soon calmed down as tribes decided where they stood.

The Ventosi accepted because they were far enough away from The Empire that determined it was unlikely that they would feel its effects until the rest of the halfling lands did, at which point they would have been conquered anyway. The Lustra accepted because they felt that The Empire would help to create more law in the land, and also for reasons similar to the Ventosi. The Humi leader officially accepted the annexation decree, but the people were somewhat resentful of his decision, feeling that he had overstepped his bounds somewhat. The Tenebrae eagerly went so far as to request a city built to rule over the countryside, and offered a section of their land for said city. The Aetheri are often quiet on political matters, and they have been here as well, but they claim they are considering it; they are nearly irrelevant to the overall effectiveness of the decree, however, as they are isolated on their island. The Undae are still going back and forth, as their politics proceed at a slow pace, but seem to be leaning towards accepting the measure. The Impes were the only ones strongly rejecting the measure; The Empire went to war with them, but lost half their troops in a lava trap and thereafter stopped fighting in Mt. Boom.

The Empire attempted to send a force through Boggy-Ogre Swamp to go around Mt Boom to attack Floodland, but they lost so many in the swamp that the troops instead founded the settlement that the Tenebrae had requested prior and again suggested. The soldiers agreed, and the city of Caligonox was founded. It underwent a change in leadership by execution (per decree of The Empire), and since then Octavian has ruled over the East Yellow Plains – forcibly.


Goblins lie all over these plains in two groups: in the west are goblins that raid, destroy, loot and pillage, but in the east are more reasonable goblins that do trade with the halflings of the East Yellow Plains. Their relationship with Caligonox is as of yet undetermined.

Yellow Plains

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