The Ventosi form the halfling tribe that Bling Alang Doro is from. They live on the north side of the West Yellow Plains. They are led by Tribemaster Tlang Wrung; their shaman is Arius Troo Shing.


The primary trade of Ventosi halflings is trade – they become merchants, traveling between the tribes of the West Yellow Plains, with the gnome country of Floodland, or to the north to trade with the elves through the pass between the Twinelf Peaks. Few go to the south to trade with The Empire (although some did trade with the former Kingdoms). As such, the tribe at home at any particular time is smaller than most of the others: there are some craftsmen, but relatively few. Typically, these are crafts such as blacksmithing or carpenting; other less physically intensive crafts, such as tanning, hatmaking or even butchery are performed by the wives of the traders while the traders are abroad, making them the most industrious women out of all of the tribes, although oftentimes they will give many of their goods to their husbands to trade abroad; a few wives even have foreign clients with whom their husbands trade on their behalf.


When a tribe member comes of age, he or she is assigned one year in the military. This is mandatory in order to be considered an adult. The person begins their service on 1-1/Ron and ends it on the same date the following year. They must turn in all loot they receive from fending off threats, but at the end of their service they get a pension – 700GP on average, but halflings who put in more or less effort receive a larger or smaller pension, respectively. 1000GP is a high pension; to get less than 500GP, one would have to either put in no effort or be a bad soldier, disobeying direct commands. This payment comes a few weeks following their completion of service, but prior to their graduation. Their graduation occurs on Hero Day, 1-7/Ron: in the morning, those graduating receive their awards (often custom-made for that year, tailored to their personal talents). At mid-day, they graduate, and the rest of the day is a feast in celebration of their talents. Most of the traders return on Lid/Ron just to be here for this celebration.

Due to this tradition, the tribe only has a few members of the active military at any particular time. These members will typically be fending off goblin attacks on the defensive, but, depending on the students, they may be proactive at their own initiative. Any major offensive action they take must first be approved by the current Trainer (currently Trainer Kai), but the Trainers are taught to be fairly free-minded in what they approve, and so most initiatives are permitted. The Trainer will even allow plans that he or she believes is doomed to failure, provided that it has no damaging consequences for the clan or any clan member uninvolved with the initiative and that it will not kill the students involved without a chance at survival (by the Trainer’s judgements). The trainer will attempt to save the students (at the last minute, of course, so that the student will see the consequences of their mistakes) from anything that will permanently damage or kill them. While active engagement is encouraged, most students take no initiative – in order to go onto the offensive, they should be quite good at combat, and most students are not sufficiently good at combat that they feel confident enough in their skills to take proactive action.

These few students form the active military, but every member of the tribe knows how to defend their home, and there are government-offered weapons and (cheap) armor available for those few who do not have their own weapons and armor. Thus, the students defend the tribe from raids, but in case of a more massive attack the whole tribe rises to its own defense.


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