Council Island

This is the island in the south Blue-Lipped Lake on which the tribes hold their council.


Twice per cycle, once on 2-4/Ron and once on 2-4/Ko, as well as during any emergency, the tribemasters of the seven halfling tribes meet on this island to hold a council to consider all matters of importance. It begins at dawn, and ends at sundown on 2-6 of the respective alun. They first discuss all matters of general importance before opening up the floor to any individuals who would like to address the council on any other matter. The first day is closed, and is when the tribemasters discuss any secret matters; typically, they finish these matters around mid-day, and then open the floor for discussion of topics by anyone who would not want their question discussed when the council was open to everyone.

Emergency councils have a different procedure. They begin the day after the last person arrives if the last person arrives in the afternoon, or at midday if said person arrives before 11:00 in the morning. They discuss only the emergency as it relates to all of the tribes, then open the floor for individual opinions. They attempt to reach an agreement within a day, although sometimes the meetings go on for longer – occasionally much longer. The last meeting, discussing the annexation of The Empire, lasted for three days, with the Impes fighting the most adamant supporters of the annexation, the Humi and the Tenebrae before finally an agreement was reached that each tribe would decide on its own whether to accept or reject annexation. On average, an emergency council is called about once in a decade.

Council Island

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