Floodland is the name of the gnomish country west of the West Yellow Plains. It is also the name of the geographic area contained between the Savior River, Cliffy Wall and the Open Ocean. The name comes from a time many centuries ago, when a large flood washed out the entire region, creating Cliffy Wall and giving the Savior River its name.

The country of Floodland is known for two things: its spellcasters and its technology. The spellcasters are called “spellpainters,” for, as the gnomes say, “magic is an art”; most spellpainters are illusionists, typically regarded as the most artistic of the schools of magic, although some enter into other colleges based off of their interests, and all colleges are given the same power in their government, the Assembly of Mages. Their technology is capable of some minor wonders – they are mostly mechanical, such as Tribemaster Tlang Wrung‘s wheelchair, but a few of their alchemists have created particular chemical concoctions as well (gnomes are the inventors of alchemists’ fire, for instance, and only they and those with whom they choose to share the secret know how it is made).

Military Conflict with The Empire

The conflict between Floodland and The Empire began several years ago. At first, the gnomes lost land quickly, but The Empire was never able to conquer Floodland proper, and so the war has been at a standstill between The Empire‘s armies and Floodland’s spellpainters for several aluns now. The Empire has ordered no trade between its territories and Floodland, but the halflings of the Yellow Plains still traded. The Empire cannot enforce its blockade, but they have recently sent warning letters to the Ventosi telling their traders to halt all trade. After this, trade along this route dropped off sharply (probably due to the many threats of torture and death that The Empire made not only on the traders themselves, but on their families). The Empire’s attempted attack by way of the Yellow Plains failed, so the gnomes are only currently fighting along their southern border, across the Savior River to the south of Entrenched Lake.


Goblins have been sighted in Floodland and they actively trade with the gnomes. Some goblins even attend gnomish spellcaster schools, although such occurrences are rare, requiring a goblin of exceptional intellectual quality. Most goblins instead attend their own school for sorcerers.


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