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  • Tribemaster Tlang Wrung

    The Tribemaster of the [[Ventosi]]. He married Dayina (maiden name: Dayina Germana), who is a potter formerly of the [[Humi]], before he was chosen by the Shaman for his position approximately 18 years ago. He is currently 133, and so will be ruling for a …

  • Tribemaster Ustrina

    The head of the Impes; a fierce barbarian who tends to think with her muscles before her head, and who believes violence will solve all problems, eventually. Her motto is "Problem? Apply fire. No more problem."

  • Tribemaster Hugo

    The leader of the [[Humi]] tribe, he ousted the previous tribemaster's family from power by force. He killed both the prior tribemaster and shaman, and, after taking the title of tribemaster for himself, replaced both the chief adviser of the prior …

  • Tribemaster Fuscus

    The head of the [[Tenebrae]] halflings, he has the most goblin slaves in the village (17, along with one ogre zombie). It is rumored that he has made assassination attempts on [[:blattar-caecus | Blattar Caecus]], but these rumors are unconfirmed and if …

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