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  • Arius Troo Shing

    Troo Shing was chosen as the shaman of the Ventosi when he was quite young, merely 20 years old. He was chosen when the old shaman was on his deathbed. Whereas most shamans are apprenticed to the prior shaman, he had no formal training, and did not know …

  • Batallus Flick Rackle

    An easily infuriated magician, his magic focuses on eliminating the problem in front of him as quickly as possible, regardless of the consequences - usually by means of fire.

  • Blattar Caecus

    The shaman of the [[Tenebrae]]. He has had a half-dozen attempts on his life, and it is rumored that they link back to [[:tribemaster-fuscus | Tribemaster Fuscus]], but there is no evidence of this. He stands strongly opposed to many policies of the tribe …

  • Lucidus Phil

    When the tribe goes to war, he typically hangs back, healing those who need healing, and if no one needs healing, he provides extra defenses. He is the sole reason that the [[Lustra]], one of the most militant tribes, is also the most populated: very few …

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