Blattar Caecus

Shaman of the Tenebrae


The shaman of the Tenebrae. He has had a half-dozen attempts on his life, and it is rumored that they link back to Tribemaster Fuscus, but there is no evidence of this. He stands strongly opposed to many policies of the tribe – particularly the goblin slaves, keeping no goblin slaves himself and saying that the goblins have never attacked them except in retaliation and that the ogres of Boggy-Ogre Swamp would make both better targets and better slaves.

He used to have an ogre slave, until it made an attempt to escape, badly injuring three halflings. Now he has a zombie ogre that acts as his personal bodyguard as well as several other undead ogres that act as servants in other capacities. He has personally volunteered to zombify any ogre corpses that any halfling brings to him on the condition that said person release a goblin slave. The only person to take him up on this deal was Tribemaster Fuscus, who promptly recaptured the goblin slave for being “too close to the Tenebrae, indicative of an attack” and re-enslaved him.

Blattar Caecus

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