Arius Troo Shing

Shaman of the Ventosi


Mid-level favored soul of Yondalla with air and travel domains


Troo Shing was chosen as the shaman of the Ventosi when he was quite young, merely 20 years old. He was chosen when the old shaman was on his deathbed. Whereas most shamans are apprenticed to the prior shaman, he had no formal training, and did not know what to do, but he was blessed by Yondalla with powers and used those powers to better the clan. Eventually, he worked out how shamanic duties worked by studying the journals of a shaman from hundreds of cycles prior, but is still not formally trained. At this point in his life, he simply serves the interests of the tribe as best he can. He’s a good friend of Angedaba Nigramens, because when Angedaba’s mother died Troo Shing took on a mentor role, leading Angedaba to become a druid.

Arius Troo Shing

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