Before the Beginning

Brief character bios:

Bling Alang Doro was a member of the Ventosi tribe since childhood. He has decided to train to be a Halfling Rock-Skipping Champion.
Angedaba Nigramens was inducted into the tribe as a child after he and his mother came to the village one day. He grew up in the Ventosi as one of their own.
Barry was a human who fled to the Yellow Plains as a child. He was also raised by the Ventosi as one of their own.
Ottator Valorum was a dwarf who came to the tribe as an older teenager. He states that he left his hometown because his father was oppressing him – his father wanted him to become a gem merchant and follow the fairly profitable family trade. The Ventosi took him in as well, but he never adapted as well as the rest of you because he was older when he was inducted.


As per Ventosi tradition, in order for a child to be considered an independent adult, they must serve one year defending the tribe from the goblin threat. You have just finished this year and performed admirably. Although you must turn in all of the loot from the goblins to the state, they paid you a large pension at the end of your service (thus your level-two gold). The first session begins at the coming-of-age ceremony of the four of you who come of age this year. You received your money last week, and this is your formal “graduation” from the military.



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