Session 2/3

Goblins and Horses

Journal of Ottator Valorum
Date: 1-8/Ron-1321

Wow, what an exciting day! We began setting out, when we were attacked by goblins: four regular goblins and the chief of the tribe. Thanks to a lucky thwack with my axe and a bunch of rocks from Bling, those goblins weren’t too tough! That lead goblin hurt me, but that’s to be expected. I hope Barry’s better in future battles than he was in that one, though – talk about miss, miss, miss…

Afterwards, Trainer Kai came up to us and gave us a resurrection orb, allowing one of us to be resurrected once. Can’t sell it because of the nature of the magic, but I can’t believe she would give us such a valuable gift – a reward from a priest when she was adventuring, she said! She said that she meant it when she said we were her most promising recruits yet, and that that’s why she gave us the orb. I’m still in shock that she would be so nice – she wasn’t that nice when we were being taught, that’s for sure! Still, I guess she loves her soldiers more than you would guess by living under her for a year.

We had a long discussion on whether or not to get horses. Ultimately, Barry, Bling and I got horses, whereas Angedaba is riding Karytha. We rode out, and are now camping on the Yellow Plains. It’s my watch right now, but I’m taking the opportunity to write hear. I’m still listening for sounds though. Speaking of sounds, I think I hear scratching. I’d better check it out…



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