Session 4
Ugh, Rats

I was right, I did hear something! We just faced off against six dire rats. Despite the chieftain, I think we came off worse in this fight than we did in the goblin fight. Sheesh. Not much more to say, though. I hope we can get through the rest of the night without encountering anything…

Addendum: The rest of the night was calm, thank Moradin. I’m not sure I’m feeling fully well, but I’m sure I’ll be fine – I’m a dwarf, after all…

Session 2/3
Goblins and Horses

Journal of Ottator Valorum
Date: 1-8/Ron-1321

Wow, what an exciting day! We began setting out, when we were attacked by goblins: four regular goblins and the chief of the tribe. Thanks to a lucky thwack with my axe and a bunch of rocks from Bling, those goblins weren’t too tough! That lead goblin hurt me, but that’s to be expected. I hope Barry’s better in future battles than he was in that one, though – talk about miss, miss, miss…

Afterwards, Trainer Kai came up to us and gave us a resurrection orb, allowing one of us to be resurrected once. Can’t sell it because of the nature of the magic, but I can’t believe she would give us such a valuable gift – a reward from a priest when she was adventuring, she said! She said that she meant it when she said we were her most promising recruits yet, and that that’s why she gave us the orb. I’m still in shock that she would be so nice – she wasn’t that nice when we were being taught, that’s for sure! Still, I guess she loves her soldiers more than you would guess by living under her for a year.

We had a long discussion on whether or not to get horses. Ultimately, Barry, Bling and I got horses, whereas Angedaba is riding Karytha. We rode out, and are now camping on the Yellow Plains. It’s my watch right now, but I’m taking the opportunity to write hear. I’m still listening for sounds though. Speaking of sounds, I think I hear scratching. I’d better check it out…

Session 1

Journal of Ottator Valorum
Date: 1-7/Ron-1321
Today, we were awakened by Trainer Kai shouting that we had to get up, that we only had 15 minutes before the graduation ceremony started. We hurriedly dressed ourselves, then hurried outside and the graduation ceremony started.

The Tribemaster gave a pretty generic speech that I’m guessing he gives every year. Then Trainer Kai gave us some pretty high praise, calling us her best year ever and saying that we would exceed her in ability. We then got some awards from various Ventosi.

Angedaba Nigramens, who got an award from Arius Troo Shing, the shaman, for being an excellent thought-procoker, gave me an award for being such an excellent honorable warrior; I gave one to her wolf, Karytha, for being an excellent fellow front-liner. Bling Alang Doro got two major ones: one from Trainer Kai for being such a great archer that he could eventually match her (another high complement), and one from the pubmaster for inventing the first good-tasting herbal beer. Barry got one from a priest of Heironeous in the village for so following Heironeous’ teachings.

We got a few more awards of increasing triviality, then the Tribemaster ended it and handed it over to Arius for the final acceptance. Arius muttered some magic mumbo-jumbo, and a warm breeze blew by, which he took as Yondalla’s blessing, then accepting us fully into the tribe. We were officially full Ventosi adults! The Tribemaster then concluded the ceremony and the feast began!

During the feast, we got a bunch of congratulations from people, and some gave us gifts – trinkets, granted, but still. One wizard studying in the gnomish academies had come to the meeting, and he gave us two things: an encyclopedia, preceded by a map (which I’m sure we’ll make good use of) that is partially full, but that we’re supposed to fill ourselves to some extent, and a bracelet by which we can receive the dysfunctional magic items the students sometimes make. He gave us another item as an example: a staff that was supposed to be an immovable rod, but really it only doesn’t move if you don’t apply a force. It’ll balance however it hits the ground, even if it is leaning over at the time, but if you lean on it it acts as if it were a stick of wood and falls over just the same. He considered it a waste to simply dispose of such items, and so he’s giving it to what he considered to be a group of prospective adventurers: us.

The feast ended eventually, and we headed to the bar to pick up some beer. I declared that I was going to travel, and we decided we would head out together. Bling Alang Doro wanted to avoid The Empire, which eliminated going south. West lied Floodland – a war-torn zone would hardly be a vacation spot. East lies first Caligonox, an outpost of The Empire, then Fordown, where we could go, but don’t have much reason to, then the Fringe Kingdom, where Angedaba and Barry can’t go, being spellcasters. That left North, and we decided to follow the Blue River up between the Twinelf Peaks, past Giant’s Lake to the Elftop Mountains and Mt. Dur. We decided to go by foot, because horses were too expensive and boating is fairly expensive too, whereas walking is free. We’re currently going to find different pieces of equipment we want (I volunteered to carry a bunch of stuff, since I’m a dwarf and so can do so). I’ve thought of a few things I want to pick up, so I’m heading out to pick them up now, and I’ll write again after we’ve left.

Before the Beginning

Brief character bios:

Bling Alang Doro was a member of the Ventosi tribe since childhood. He has decided to train to be a Halfling Rock-Skipping Champion.
Angedaba Nigramens was inducted into the tribe as a child after he and his mother came to the village one day. He grew up in the Ventosi as one of their own.
Barry was a human who fled to the Yellow Plains as a child. He was also raised by the Ventosi as one of their own.
Ottator Valorum was a dwarf who came to the tribe as an older teenager. He states that he left his hometown because his father was oppressing him – his father wanted him to become a gem merchant and follow the fairly profitable family trade. The Ventosi took him in as well, but he never adapted as well as the rest of you because he was older when he was inducted.


As per Ventosi tradition, in order for a child to be considered an independent adult, they must serve one year defending the tribe from the goblin threat. You have just finished this year and performed admirably. Although you must turn in all of the loot from the goblins to the state, they paid you a large pension at the end of your service (thus your level-two gold). The first session begins at the coming-of-age ceremony of the four of you who come of age this year. You received your money last week, and this is your formal “graduation” from the military.


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